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THE INDIAN TRIO ZAHEER KHAN, YUVRAJ AND R.P.SINGH were selected for the famous cricinfo awards for their good performance in the fields.There were 6 people who have got the awards.kumar sangakkara,lasith malinga and retired australian wicketkeeper adam glichrist were the othres who bagged the awards.
The selection committee involved Geoffrey Boycott, Ian Chappell, Daryll Cullinan, Tony Greig, Michael Holding, David Lloyd, Sanjay Manjrekar, Rameez Raja and Ravi Shastri.

sangakkara was selected for his best test batting performance,his 192 versus australia in hobart,and zaheer khan for his 75for 5 against england at trent bridge.Gilchrist slammed a 149 against srilanka in the world cup final.
lasith malinga got a 4 wicket haul in as many balls in the world cup against south africa.
Indian players donned the twenty20 awards,yuvraj commemorated for his blasting 70 off 30 balls in the semi finals versus australia. R.P. singh awarded for his 4 for 13 against the in the world cup in south africa.
the list is

Test: Batting: Kumar Sangakkara (SL): 192 v Australia 2nd Test, Hobart. Bowling: Zaheer Khan (Ind): five for 75 v England, 2nd Test, Trent Bridge.

One-day: Batting: Adam Gilchrist (Aus): 149 v Sri Lanka, World Cup final, Bridgetown. Bowling: Lasith Malinga (SL): four for 54 v South Africa, World Cup, Georgetown.

Twenty20: Batting: Yuvraj Singh (Ind): 70 v Australia, World Twenty20 semifinals, Durban. Bowling: R.P. Singh (Ind): four for 13 v South Africa, World Twenty20, Durban.


Batsmen —
1. K.Sangakkara;
2. Jacques Kallis;
3. Mike Hussey;
4. Ricky Ponting;
5. Mohammed Yousuf;
6. Matthew Hayden;
7. Mahela Jayawardena;
8. Shivnarine Chanderpaul;
9. Kevin Pietersen;
10. Younis Khan

1. M. Muralidharan;
2. Dale Steyn;
3. Stuart Clark;
4. Brett Lee;
5. Makhaya Ntini;
6. Anil Kumble;
7. Shane Bond;
8. Shaun Pollock;
9. Matthew Hoggard;
10. Shoaib Akhtar.

Allrounders —
1. Jacques Kallis;
2. Andrew Flintoff;
3. Daniel Vettori;
4. Shaun Pollock;
5. Chaminda Vaas.

Sachin Tendulkar has risen to his highest Test rankings in two years and is just two spots outside the top-10 in the latest ICC rankings.
Tendulkar’s two centuries in four Tests Down Under has pushed him one place up to 12th in the rankings according to a release.
Virender Sehwag, who scored 63 and 151 in Adelaide, has also gained eight places and is now at 24th place in the batting rankings still headed by Kumar Sangakkara.
Jacques Kallis is in second place and Michael Hussey in third. Hussey steadily progressed through the rankings during the series with India and is now poised to take top spot if he continues his good form.
His captain Ricky Ponting retains fourth spot and is moving in the right direction after having returned to form with a century in Adelaide.
Clarke, who scored 118 in Adelaide, his sixth Test century, is in 11th while Andrew Symonds fell three places and out of the top 20 after a relatively disappointing match with the bat.
Among the bowlers, Brett Lee has achieved the highest rating of his career to date following the Test series against India and is now in fourth position, fast closing on those bowlers ahead of him.
India Test captain Anil Kumble retains his sixth spot among bowlers while progressing four places up among allrounders to seventh, his highest career rating to date. The allrounders list is headed by Jacques Kallis.
With Irfan Pathan currently occupying sixth place, India can boast of two Test allrounders in the top seven.


Infosys Puzzles
1.There is a escalator and 2 persons move down it.A takes 50 steps and B takes 75 steps
while the escalator is moving down. Given that the time taken by A to take 1 step is equal to
time taken by B to take 3 steps. Find the no. of steps in the escalator while it is staionary.
Solution (not sure):
If A takes 1 step in one second, then B takes 3 steps in one second. If A takes t1 seconds to
take 50 steps, then B takes 150 steps in t1 seconds.
For B, to take 150 steps he requires t1 seconds,
then to take 75 steps he requires t1/2 seconds.
So now, s1=50, t1 = t1 & s2=75, t2=t1/2
ans= (s1*t2 ~ s2*t1) / (t1 ~ t2) which gives 100.
so 100 steps is the answer
2. If 5/2 artists make 5/2 paintings using 5/2 canvases in 5/2 days then how many artists r
required to make 25 paintings using 25 canvases in 25 days?
3. If the digits of my present age are reversed then i get the age of my son.If 1 year ago my
age was twice as that of my son.Find my present age.
ans. father-73, son-37
4. There are 6561 balls out of them 1 is heavy.Find the min. no. of times the balls have to be
weighed for finding out the haevy ball.
ans. 8
5. If i walk with 30 miles/hr i reach 1 hour before and if i walk with 20 miles/hr i reach 1
hour late.Find the distance between 2 points and the exact time of reaching destination is 11
am then find the speed with which it walks.
ans. 120miles and 24 miles/hr
6. There r four face cards (J,Q,K,A) all of different types(diamond,club,spade,heart) and
some conditions r given.find the order of cards
ans. king -> jack -> queen -> ace
heart diamond spade club
7. If A,B,C,D,E r 5 members of a family.4 of them give true statements :
1. E is my mother in law
2. C is my son in law's brother
3. B is my father's brother
4. A is my brother's wife
Who made the stmt. and what r the realtions among them
ans. E
<--> denotes husband-wife
-- denotes brothers
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8. The product of 5 different temperatures is 12.If all of then r integers then find all the
ans. -2,-1,1,2,3
9.There r 9 cities numbered 1 to 9.From how many cities the flight can start so as to reach
the city 8 either directly or indirectly such the path formed is divisible by 3.
eg. 1368-Flights goes through 1-3-6-8.
10. If i do this puzzle i find it to be hard than the last puzzle that i did before that after
that..............very complex stmt.
Is that puzzle difficult,easy,can't say or depends on the no. of puzzles
11. Replace each letter by a digit. Each letter must be represented by the same digit and no
beginning letter of a word can be 0.
Ans: 0 =1, N = 8 ,E = 2, T = 7.
12. Ann, Boobie, Cathy and Dave are at their monthly business meeting. Their occupations
are author, biologist, chemist and doctor, but not necessarily in that order. Dave just told
the biologist that Cathy was on her way with doughnuts. Ann is sitting across from the
doctor and next to the chemist. The doctor was thinking that Boobie was a goofy name for
parent's to choose,but didn't say anything. What is each person's occupation?
Ans: Since Dave spoke to the biologist and Ann sat next to the chemist and across the
doctor, Cathy must be the author and Ann the biologist. The doctor didn't speak, but David
did, so Bobbie is the doctor and Dave the chemist.
13. Sometime after 10:00 PM a murder took place. A witness claimed that the clock must
have stopped at the time of the shooting. It was later found that the postion of both the
hands were the same but their positions had interchanged. Tell the time of the shooting
(both actual and claimed).
Ans: Time of shooting = 11:54 PM Claimed Time = 10:59 PM.
14. Next number in the series is 1 , 2 , 4 , 13 , 31 , 112 , ?
Ans: 224.
No number has digits more than 4. All of them are 1 , 2, 4, 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 converted to
numbers in base 5.
15. Shahrukh speaks truth only in the morning and lies in the afternoon, whereas Salman
speaks truth only in the afternoon. A says that B is Shahrukh. Is it morning or afternoon and
who is A - Shahrukh or Salman?
Ans: Afternoon.A is Salman.
16. Two trains starting at same time, one from Bangalore to Mysore and other in opposite
direction arrive at their destination 1 hr and 4 hours respectively after passing each other.
How nuch faster is one train from other?
Ans: Twice.
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17. There are 6 volumes of books on a rack kept in order ( ie vol.1, vol. 2 and so on ). Give the
position after the following changes were noticed. All books have been changed Vol.5 was
directly to the right of Vol.2 Vol.4 has Vol.6 to its left and both weren't at Vol.3's place.Vol.1
has Vol.3 on right and Vol.5 on left. An even numbered volume is at Vol.5's place Find the
order in which the books are kept now.
Ans: 2, 5,1,3,6,4.
18. I bought a car with a peculiar 5 digit numbered licence plate which on reversing could
still be read. On reversing value is increased by 78633.Whats the original number if all
digits were different?
Ans: Only 0 1 6 8 and 9 can be read upside down. So on rearranging these digits, we get the
answer as 10968.
19. The shape in the sketch below is that of a square attached to half of a similar square.
Divide it into four equal pieces.
Ans: Hint : The figure can be divided into 12 equal triangles.
20) There are two balls touching each other circumferencically. The radius of the big ball is
4 times the diameter of the small all. The outer small ball rotates in anticlockwise direction
circumferencically over the bigger one at the rate of 16 rev/sec. The bigger wheel also rotates
anticlockwise at N rev/sec. What is 'N' for the horizontal line from the centre of small wheel
always is horizontal.

1 2 3 4
+ 3 4 5 5
4 6 8 9
- 2 3 4 5
2 3 4 4
+ 1 2 5 4
3 6 9 8
Q) Strike off any digit from each number in seven rows (need not be at same place) and
combine the same operations with 3 digit numbers to get the same addition. After this strike
off another digit from all and add all the No.s to get the same 2 digit No. perform the same
process again with 1 digit No.s. Give the ' no.s in 7 rows at each stage.
22) There is a safe with a 5 digit No. The 4th digit is 4 greater thansecond digit, while 3rd
digit is 3 less than 2nd digit. The 1st digit is thrice the last digit. There are 3 pairs whose sum
is 11. Find the number.
Ans: 65292.
23) there are 2 guards Bal and Pal walking on the side of a wall of a wearhouse(12m X 11m)
in opposite directions. They meet at a point and Bal says to Pal "See you again in the other
side". After a few moments of walking Bal decides to go back for a smoke but he changes his
direction again to his previous one after 10 minutes of walking in the other(opposite)
direction remembering that Pal will be waiting for to meet. If Bal and Pal walk 8 and 11 feet
respectively, how much distance they would have travelled before meeting again.
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24. 13 kigs and 6 libs can produce 510 tors in 10 hrs, 8 kigs and 14 libs can produce 484 tors
in 12 hrs.
Find the rate of production of tors for kigs and libs. Express the answer in tors/hr.
Q) Find the 5 digit No.
Hint: 5 is used atleast once in the calculation.
26) A fly is there 1 feet below the ceiling right across a wall length is 30m at equal distance
from both the ends. There is a spider 1 feet above floor right across the long wall eqidistant
from both the ends. If the width of the room is 12m and 12m, what distance is to be travelled
by the spider to catch the fly, if it takes the shortest path.
27) Ramesh sit around a round table with some other men. He has one rupee more than his
right person and this person in turn has 1 rupee more than the person to his right and so on,
Ramesh decided to give 1 rupee to his right & he in turn 2 rupees to his right and 3 rupees to
his right & so on. This process went on till a person has 'no money' to give to his right. At
this time he has 4 times the money to his right person. How many men are there along with
Ramesh and what is the money with poorest fellow.
28)Question related to probabilities of removing the red ball from a basket, given that two
balls are removed from the basket and the other ball is red. The basket contains
blue,red,yellow balls.
29)Venkat has 1boy&2daughters.The product of these children age is 72.The sum of their
ages give the door numberof Venkat.Boy is elder of three.Can you tell the ages of all the
30)L:says all of my other 4 friends have money
M:says that P said that exact one has money
N:says that L said that precisely two have money
O:says that M said that 3 of others have money.
P:Land N said that they have money.
All are liers.
Who has money & who doesn't have?


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PENTAX INTRODUCED k20D to k100D, adigital single-lens reflex camera for serious photographers which uses complementary mos technology (CMOS).THESE NEW wave digital cameras allows a vastly greater sensitivity to light,yielding better pictures.
Pentax Optio 8.1 megapixel compact camera launched shortly with better focus even in the dark
The Optio E50 makes point-and-shoot simple even for technophobes. Small and light, the camera will automatically adjust exposure settings for portrait shots and correct backlighting; what's more, those less-than-stable pub shots will be rendered infinitely clearer (sorry) thanks to the built in Shake Reduction system. An 8.1 megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom and a host of Picture Modes make snapping in any situation a breeze. You can preview your shots on a 2.4" screen and the whole lot runs on two AA batteries, with an improved power efficiency from the previous model that should see you capturing up to 250 more images per set of batteries. It'll be in shops next month for £99.99.


SPOT is the world’s first dual-satellite emergency messenger, using the GPS satellite system to determine your location and commercial communications satellites to transmit that information to the proper recipient. SPOT allows you to notify family, friends, your business or a GEOS Alliance International 9-1-1 Emergency Call Center of your exact location via Google Maps™, and to send for assistance in time of need around the world, completely independent of cellular phone or other land-based radio coverage.

SATELLITE PHONES ARE STILL LARGELY ASSOCIATED WITH DASHING REPORTORS and superspies but the spot satellite messanger from spot incorporation brings a little celestial high tech to the commo0n hiker.

the $170 spot is a seven-ounce waterproof communication devices that warks for about 14 days on one battery charge.

it keeps in constant with GPS and communication satellites almost anywhere in the world.

the spot can store your position on time,then replay the trips in google maps.

its "check ok" feature lets you to send a signal to loved ones,informing them that you fine.

if amessage does not go through every few days,thry will be alerted that something is amiss.

SPOT is the only device of its kind, using the GPS satellite network to acquire its coordinates, and then sending its location – with a link to Google Maps™ – and a pre-programmed message via a commercial satellite network. And unlike Personal Locator Beacons, SPOT does more than just call for help. Tracking your progress, checking in with loved ones, and non-emergency assistance are also available, all at the push of a button. And because it uses 100% satellite technology, SPOT works around the world – even where cell phones don't.
it is just $149

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ROVE MOBILE INCORPORATION has unveiled a new device named PCmobiler which helps you to control your personal computer from a distance.the application which is customised for blackberry and windows mobile phones, will give access to our desktop directly.
using this mobile, user can also control the keyboard and mouse and can work on any file or application on the PC.
THIS will be of much use to professionals who might want to control the PC while we are travelling.
one can easily download the PC mobiler software using many sources through net for an amount of $9.50 as a monthly subscription.
this type of software is very useful for business people and will increase their business dealing even when they are out of station.


TRANSISTOR radios were manufactured by american researchers which is smaller than a grain of sand that can outplayed regular radios. scientists from the university of illinois used tiny strands of carbon atoms,known as carbon nanotubes, to make such a small radio.

scientists ensnared technical problems by using quartz wafers to make the device. on being tested , the nano radio easily picked up signals from a near by station.the reception was far better than silicon based radios. The strands used to make the nano radio was made of thousands times smaller than human hair.
The ultimate aim of the research was to develop high performance semiconductors from nanotubes said professor john rogers.

Tiny ants they’d listen to “Layla” and “Good Vibrations” At least, those were the two songs played through a nano-radio made out of a single carbon nanotube fibre — a radio that could fit ‘in the palm of an ant’, according to the US National Science Foundation (surely, that is any one of six palms? Or would it be four palms and two feet?


Every cell in our body has a clock which is controlled by the brain’s hypothalamus, which, acting on genetic inputs, works as a central clock for the human body, according to a study. Researchers at the University of Zurich’s chronobiology and sleep research group have developed a simple skin test that can show if someone who hates getting up is plain lazy, or whether their body clock is badly out of sync with that of other people.

Scientists in the last decade have found that genes can influence a person’s preference for rising extremely early, or late in the day. The skin test could help develop treatments for sleep ailments, especially insomnia. Once the cause of a sleep disorder has been diagnosed, it is possible to test treatments on patients who all have the same underlying dysfunction, a key step towards developing more effective treatments for body clock disorders.
The study, led by Prof. Steve Brown of University of Zurich, found that the brain’s hypothalamus acts as a central clock for the body, but does so by synchronising all the individual cells, which have their own clocks.Skin cells are much easier clocks to study than the one in the brain and the team obtained cells from 28 volunteers and inserted into them a gene that glowed, creating biological clocks that waxed or waned in brightness over 24 hours.
The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that skin cells from extreme early-risers had the shortest glowing periods and those from very late-risers had the longest. “People know whether they are larks or owls,” records says. “The interesting part is that they are not all larks or owls for the same reason, and this research addresses the molecular cause of their early or late behaviour.”

“What is really nice here is that by looking at clocks in peripheral tissues, we have for the first time been able to look, by proxy, at the molecular mechanisms in different human individuals that allow them to sense time in the brain. All in all, I find it quite incredible that skin cells can tell us something about a process as complex as human behaviour.”






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K-NFB Reading Technology, Inc. presents the ultimate solution to your everyday reading needs-the Kurzweil National Federation of the Blind Reader (KNFB Reader). The KNFB Reader is an extremely portable device and the KNFB Reader will revolutionize the way you deal with the avalanche of print you confront each day.
Technology that scans and reads printed material to the blind is nothing new, but the KNFB personal reader is the first truly handheld device to do the job. Combining a state-of-the-art digital camera with a powerful personal data assistant housed in a custom-designed, attractive case, the Kurzweil-National Federation of the Blind Reader puts the best available character recognition software together with text-to-speech conversion technology, all in the palm of your hand.

IT ALSO CONTAINS multifunction cell phone that allow the user to read mail, receipts, handouts and many other documents wherever the user happens to be. This is a truly pocket-sized solution to reading on the go. The knfbReader Mobile software has a feature set designed for blind or low vision users. The kReader Mobile is designed for people who have difficulty reading due to learning or language problems.

Kurzweil-NFB Reader (PDA, Digital Camera)
Carry Case
Power Charger
1 GB Secure Digital (SD) Storage Card
Kurzweil-NFB Reader Software Installation Secure Digital (SD) Storage Card
Print and Braille "Quickstart Instructions"
Print and Braille "Command Summary"
Print and Braille "User's Guide"
Print and audio CD Software Licensing Agreement
Print and Braille "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)"
An audio tutorial CD

RATE $2595

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The Golden Compass is an Academy Award-nominated fantasy film based on Northern Lights (also known as The Golden Compass), the first novel in Philip Pullman's trilogy His DarkMaterials, and was released on December 5, 2007 by New Line Cinema. THE GOLDEN COMPASS IS a part of the His Dark Materials film series. The project was announced in February 2002, following the success of other recent adaptations of fantasy epics, and at $180 million is one of New Line's biggest-budget projects ever after a series of box office disappointments preceding the release.

The story concerns Lyra, an orphan living in a fantastical parallel universe in which a dogmatic dictatorship called the Magisterium menaces to dominate the world. When Lyra's friend is kidnapped, she travels to the far North to rescue him by again joining his uncle.

Before its release, the film received criticism from secular organizations and fans of His Dark Materials for the dilution of the religious elements from the novels, as well as from some religious organizations for the source material's perceived anti-Catholic and atheistic themes. The film was met with mixed reviews, and failed to meet expectations at the U.S. box office, but its international performance more than tripled the U.S. figures, surpassing $250 million for a total of $321.5 million
it was released on 25th january 2008 in india and successfully running in theatres

Directed by Chris Weitz

Written by Philip Pullman (novel)Chris Weitz

Daneil Craig

Dakota Blue Richards

Ian McKellen

Ian McShane

Sam Elliott

Eva Green
Music : Alexandre Desplat.
Editing : Anne V. Coates.

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India batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar and world chess champion Viswanathan Anand have been chosen for the nation's second highest civilian award Padma Vibhushan, the government announced.
The government hands out civilian and military honours on January 26 every year, India's Republic Day.
Tendulkar is widely regarded as one of the finest batsmen to grace world cricket while Anand regained the official world title and rose to world number one last year.
India soccer captain Baichung Bhutia was selected for the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award, along with women's distance swimmer Bula Chowdhury, whose achievements include twice swimming the English channel.

other people receiving the awards are

. Ms. Asha Bhosle Art Maharashtra 2. Justice (Dr.) A. S. Anand Public Affairs Uttar Pradesh 3. Mr P.N. Dhar Public Affairs Delhi 4. Mr Pranab Mukherjee Public Affairs Delhi 5. Dr. E. Sreedharan Science and Engineering Delhi 6. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri Science and Engineering Delhi 7. Late Mr. Edmund Hillary (Posthumous) Sports New Zealand 8. Mr Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Sports Maharashtra 9. Mr Viswanathan Anand Sports Tamil Nadu 10. Mr Lakshmi Narayan Mittal Trade and Industry UK 11. Mr N.R. Narayana Murthy Trade and Industry Karnataka 12. Mr P.R.S. Oberoi Trade and Industry Delhi 13. Mr Ratan Naval Tata Trade and Industry Maharashtra



AFTER a terrible setback and the most-lopsided losses in a Grand Slam final, Sharapova wrapped up her third major title with a 7-5, 6-3 victory over fourth-seeded Ana Ivanovic on Saturday.
The 20-year-old Russian didn’t lose a set in seven matches at Melbourne Park, which includes wins over three of the top four ranked players, removing 12 months worth of painful memories (due to the shoulder injury, in the wake of her 6-1, 6-2 loss to Serena Williams last year.
From 3-3 in the second set, Sharapova ran off the last three games again, breaking Ivanovic for the fourth time to finish the match.
sharapova claimes third grand slam of carrier with a 2-set win against ivanovic.
she wished to spend her prize money 0f $1207709 with her mother and yelena.
Sharapova, seeded fifth, struggled with a shoulder injury last year and slipped from No. 1 to outside the Top 5. She rallied to make the final of the season-ending championship, losing in three long sets to top-ranked Justine Henin.
The Russian star said when her coach and hitting partner Michael Joyce’s mother died, it helped her put her cope with the hard times.



Gilchrist said he would retire from Tests after the ongoing match against India and will quit ODI scene after the forthcoming Commonwealth Bank tri-series.

HE ALSO BIDS THANKS TO the Western Australian Cricket Association and Cricket NSW for providing him the opportunity to play First-Class cricket and for the support over the many years.

He says i also thanks all my team mates and support staff who have given me the most enjoyable, fun career anyone could hope for and to the many officials and opponents I have come across. It has been terrific to play against you and more importantly get to know you.

HIS CAREER(1996-2008)

Gilchrist made his international debut in 1996 when he played the first of his 277 one-day internationals. He made his Test debut in 1999 and has played 96 Tests, scoring 17 centuries


He is the fifth senior Australian player to retire in the past 14 months, following Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Justin Langer and Damien Martyn.

Cricket Australia Chairman Creagh O'Connor paid tribute to Gilchrist, describing him as one of the greatest players of all time.

Gilchrist scored the second-fastest century in Test cricket history (57 balls).

He also captained Australia in six Tests for four wins, including in the historic away series win over India in 2004.

He played in three World Cup triumphs, including belting an extraordinary 149 from 104 balls in last year's World Cup final.
he holds world record of most number of dismissals in test cricket........
The 36-year-old Gilchrist first caught Harbhajan Singh to equal the record of 413 dismissals held by South African Mark Boucher. Then he broke it by catching Anil Kumble
New South Wales wicketkeeper BRAD HADDIN is expected to take over the gloves for the Australian team.
BYE BYE GILLY...........................................

Friday, January 25, 2008


Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza, despite their limited experience playing together, outplayed Nathalie Dechy of France and Andy Ram of Israel, seeded eight, 6-4, 6-2 to make the mixed doubles final of the Australian Open on Friday.

Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza combined well to storm into the final of the mixed doubles competition at the Australian Open after scoring a straight set victory in Melbourne on Friday.
The unseeded Indian pair pipped eighth seeds Nathalie Dechy of France and Andy Ram of Israel 6-4 6-2 in the semifinal match.
The Indians will take on the winners of other semifinal match between fifth seeds Tiantian Sun of Chin and Serbian Nenad Zimonjic and third seed pair of Chinese Zi Yan and Mark Knowles of Bahrain.
In the juniors competition, Yuki Bhambri's campaign ended as he lost the boys singles semifinal to local hope Bernard Tomic.


THE INDOMITABLE TENNIS STAR ROGER FEDERER WAS TROUNCED BY the young and precocious 20 year old serb, novak djokovic, by points 7-5, 6-3,7-6 in two hours

The great man federer has achieved — 10 successive Grand Slam finals in a row,finally his spree was ended by djokovic.

This was the Swiss maestro’s first loss before the final of a Grand Slam event since the semifinals of the 2005 French Open and coincidentally it has come in this remarkable streak-snapping season down under — a week after the resurgent Indian cricket team ended Australia’s 16-Test winning streak at Perth.

It is an incredible feeling. He is one of the greatest players this sport has had. I am very, very proud of myself,” said Djokovic after making his second straight Grand Slam final. “It is very difficult to play against such a dominant player. I am amazed with the way I coped with the pressure



THE NEXT JAMES BOND FILM WILL BE -QUANTUM OF SOLACE,will impress the james bond fans with more action, and more of strategy.





quantum of solace was the name of a story in jan flemings 1960 anthology FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.Its study does not involve plots or anything with is going to be a character-driven kitchen sink drama.

Filming began earlier this month at Pinewood, the franchise’s home west OF LONDON.

it is said to be released on 7th november 2008.


Bond’s mission is to track down the organization that caused the death of his girl friend Vesper Lynd.


Olga Kurylenko, who plays Bond girl Camille in the film, said that she has yet to film any scenes, but was working hard preparing for her role.
"I'm doing weapons training and body flight training for aerial scenes and stunt work for fighting," she said.
"This girl is going to kick ass. She's on her own mission and she's driven by revenge."
But it is not clear whether Camille is a secret agent.
French actor Mathieu Amalric, who plays the villainous Dominic Greene, told reporters his character had "the smile of Tony Blair and the crazy eyes of Nicholas Sarkozy".
Actress Gemma Arterton plays an MI6 agent in the film and has already shot her love scenes with 007.



are you a fresher hunting for jobs


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dont worry just go for real player 11 version. it is the latest version of the real player, which allows you to download any video on the internet easily when it is being viewed.

real player 11 version also allows many other features like immediate online games, radio, movie,TV.
you can download your real player or you can upgrade the old version of the player from


BY WEAVING BLACK CARBON NANO TUBES INTO PAPER, ENGINEERS have created printable and flexible batteries that are more resilient than many existing batteries.
The rechargable material could find uses in range of devices, from portable electronics to automobiles.

In addition to withstanding temporature range extending from -70 degrees to 150 degrees and above zero. thewnew batteries are capable of providing both constant output of a standard battery and sudden energy bursts along with the usage of super capacitors. the use of carbon nano tubes in also the basic primordial for the construction of batteries.

The batteries are known for long life, reliability, durability etc


Wireless USB Brings Greater Convenience and Mobility to Devices

Imagine if all the devices in a home office -- such as printer, scanner, external hard drive, and digital camera -- could be connected to your PC without any wires. Imagine if all the components for an entire home entertainment center could be set up and connected without a single wire. Imagine if digital pictures could be transferred to a photo print kiosk for instant printing without the need for a cable. These are just some of the possible scenarios for high-speed wireless USB (WUSB) connectivity, the latest technology developed to bring even greater convenience and mobility to devices.

Wireless USB is short-range,high-bandwidth wireless radio communication protocol.

WUSB specifications will be based on ultra wideband (UWB) radio efforts by the MultiBand OFDM Alliance (MBOA) and WiMedia Alliance, both open industry associations that promote personal-area range wireless connectivity and interoperability among multimedia devices in a networked environment.

In this topology, the host initiates all the data traffic among the devices connected to it, allotting time slots and data bandwidth to each device connected. These relationships are referred to as clusters. The connections are point-to-point and directed between the WUSB host and WUSB device.

The WUSB host can logically connect to a maximum of 127 WUSB devices, considered an informal WUSB cluster. WUSB clusters coexist within an overlapping spatial environment with minimum interference, thus allowing a number of other WUSB clusters to be present within the same radio cell.


Wireless USB is used in game controllers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, MP3 players, hard disks and flash drives. It is also suitable for transferring parallel video streams.

Wireless USBSpecification Rev. 1.0

Freq. band3.1 GHz,10.6 GHz

transfer speed 480 Mbit/s (3 m),110 Mbit/s (10 m)

Modulation MB-OFDM.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Kamal Haasan pens the story, screenplay and dialogue apart from sporting 10 different looks in his new film, Dasavatharam. Playing the female lead is Asin, with Jayapradha and Mallika Sherawat in crucial roles. The cast also includes Napoleon, Santhana Bharathi and M S Bhasker. The film introduces to the Tamil arena Himesh Reshammiya, the popular music director of Hindi films. The film is directed by K S Ravikumar.
The story, not much of which is revealed out, seems like a travel back in time. One of the roles has Kamal playing Rangaraj Nambi, the episode set in the 12th century. Sharing frames with him here is Napoleon as Kulothunga Chozhan. The Chidambaram temple, horses, elephants, and the set all added to the ambiance. The scene depicted Nambis distress when Chozhan throws the idol of the Lord into the sea.
Yet another role has Kamal playing a scientist, the episode set a few centuries back, in America. A set of a laboratory was designed by art director Prabhakar, where the scientist does his research. The episode includes the lab being destroyed in an accident, paving way for the next adventure.
A sizzling dance number was picturised on Mallika Sherawat at different locations and night spots in Malaysia. Accompanying Mallika were 20 dancers from the US, and choreographing the number was Brinda.
The shots were canned by cinematographer Ravi Varman. Produced by V Ravichandran for Oscar Films Pvt Ltd, Dasavatharam is a film awaited with great anticipation by the audience.

Actors: Kamal Haasan, Asin, Jayapradha, Mallika Sherawat, Napoleon, Santhana Bharathi, M S Bhasker

Direction: K S Ravikumar

Production: V Ravichandran

Art director: Prabhakar

Music: Himesh Reshammiya

Cinematography: Ravi Varman Dance

choreographer: Brinda

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


No steering wheel, you drive it with a joystick.
No pedals either. can you with a joystick? your kids and grandkids probably can. the influence of video games in our lives has really arrived.


After remaining at the top of the cricketing world for almost a decade and finally saying goobye to it, former australian legendary leg-spinner is about to begin anew career in poker. he is learneed to have signed with poker giant

warne has developed an interest in the game from playing with is friends over the past 5 years,including joe hachem, who won the world series of poker,and his brother tony.warne confided that the 20 years of cricket of his life are the most special for him, and nothing will replace the 20 years of cricket in my is a game of skill that has lot of analogies to attitude is i have got a lot more to learn about the game.ha says that he is extremely happy about to begin his new career in poker.


Exchange the position of the frogs at both sides.
Those with IQ higher than 50 should be able to finish this within 3 minutes

it is amazing. the more shortest you solve the puzzle,the more IQ you have.

for your challenge. go to the link.

Monday, January 21, 2008




1. PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVEWhen you find yourself getting fed up and your mood is taking a turn for the worse, take a step back and put things into perspective.
Is the stress and frustration really worth it? When you look at the bigger picture, don't they seem a bit insignificant? They should, because nine times out of ten the daily problems we face are not really that important when we take a look at life as a whole.
You are alive, you have food, shelter, and freedom. These things are reason enough to smile when you wake in the morning.

2. HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO You are expecting something in the mail. Each day you run to the mail box, filled with excitement and anticipation. And then, finally, it comes!
People love to look forward to things. Some say that anticipation of something happening is better than when it actually happens.
We all have special events that are coming up. Holi-days, birthdays, vacations, weekends, etc. Keeping these in mind will give you something to stay excited about.

There is no better way to forget about your worries than to help someone else with theirs. When you take the focus off of yourself, and give your attention to helping people, your attitude will change dramatically.
This tip not only includes helping friends and family, but also volunteering to help those in need whom you may not know. When you give of yourself, you'll receive tenfold in return.

There are times when the only solution is to get away from it all. If you know that you are in a negative mood, or have been in low spirits for some time, take a break. It could be just what you need.
Taking a break can vary from a short trip in your car, to a vacation in the Bahamas. A walk around the block, or a leisurely drive around the neighborhood can also work wonders for your mood and attitude.

5. TALK WITH A POSITIVE FRIENDTalking things out can help you see the good in a bad situation. Call a friend and tell them about your problem, or just chat about any topic that comes to you. This is a very therapeutic and effective cure to a rough day.

6. LIFE IS SHORTOne thing to always remember is that life is short. The worst thing would be to look back on your days wishing you could have been happier. Now is the time to take a good look at your attitude and make the necessary improvements.
Days, weeks, months, and years have a way of rushing by. Don't let them pass while you are in a negative mood about life. A positive attitude is worth the work, effort, and change that it takes to create it. Look back with no regrets, only happy memories.

7. PEOPLE HAVE DONE MORE WITH LESSA common cause for a poor attitude is the feeling that you are in a situation that is just too hard to deal with. Perhaps you don't have the job you want, or you may have a boss that drives you crazy. It may even be more serious than that. You may be too young, too old, too tired, too unlucky, etc...
People have done more with less.
Many people from all over the world have overcome obstacles, solved problems, and maintained a positive attitude through the most trying of times. If they can do it, so can you.
The power of a positive attitude is always within your reach. You simply have to extend your hand and grab it. Use the tips above to gain a great attitude, and to make your life happier, healthier, and wealthier


* 1.*God is real, unless declared as an integer.

2. Before borrowing money from a friend, decide whether you need more.

3. Death is hereditary.
4. There are three sides to every argument: your side, my side and the right> side.

5. An expert is someone who takes a subject you understand and makes it> sound confusing.

6. Many things can be preserved in alcohol. Dignity is not one of them.

7. Never argue with a fool. People might not know the difference.

8. When you're right, no one remembers. When you're wrong, no one forgets.

9. Cheer up, the worst is yet to come.

10. Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

11. Well done is better than well said.

12. Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make them when nobody is> looking.

13. Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back.

14. If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.

15. Where there's a will there are five hundred relatives.

16. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.



1. Know the room - become familiar with the place in which you will speak. Arrive early and walk around the room including the speaking area. Walk from where you will be seated to the place where you will be speaking.

2. Know the Audience - If possible, greet some of the audience as they arrive and chat with them. It is easier to speak to a group of friends than to a group of strangers.

3. Know Your Material - If you are not familiar with your material or are uncomfortable with it, your nervousness will increase. Practice your speech or presentation and revise it until you can present it with ease.

4. Learn How to Relax- You can ease tension by doing exercises. Sit comfortable with your back straight. Breathe in slowly, hold your breath for 4 to 5 seconds, then slowly exhale. To relax your facial muscles, open your mouth and eyes wide, then close them tightly.

5. Visualize Yourself Speaking - Imagine yourself walking confidently to the lectern as the audience applauds. Imagine yourself speaking, your voice loud, clear and assured. When you visualize yourself as successful, you will be successful.

6. Realize People Want You To Succeed - All audiences want speakers to be interesting, stimulating, informative and entertaining. They want you to succeed - not fail.

7. Don't apologize For Being Nervous - Most of the time your nervousness does not show at all. If you don't say anything about it, nobody will notice. If you mention your nervousness or apologize for any problems you think you have with your speech, you'll only be calling attention to it. Had you remained silent, your listeners may not have noticed at all.

8. Concentrate on Your Message - not the audience. Your nervous feelings will dissipate if you focus your attention away from your anxieties and concentrate on your message and your audience, not yourself.

9. Turn Nervousness into Positive Energy - the same nervous energy that causes stage fright can be an asset to you. Harness it, and transform it into vitality and enthusiasm.

10. Gain Experience - Experience builds confidence, which is the key to effective speaking. Most beginning speakers find their anxieties decrease after each speech they give.




Director : Andrew Adamson

Release Date : 16 May 2008

"Prince Caspian" meets Pevensie siblings pulled back into the land of Narnia, where a thousand years have passed since they left. In the mean time, the evil king General Miraz, uncle to the true heir, thrones the land of narnia. The synergy of the children(Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy) along with the colorful creatures of Narnia combats with the evil villain who prevents the rightful Prince from ruling the land. With the help of a heroic mouse called Reepicheep, and the exiled heir to the throne, Prince Caspian, they set out to overthrow the King, once again with Aslan's help.