Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My New Sony Xperia P

I just bought my new Xperia P 2 weeks back after 3 to 4 months of analysis. I need to endure a lot of criticisms till the day I bought my first andriod phone,but worth confronting all these and worth waiting for all the next generation serious of sony with dual core processors.
Eventhough many of my friends overrided my obssessed thoughts with samsung S2 the competitor for my phone. My thoughts always lingered about sony because of its display resolution which uses qHD TFT screen and precise sound quality and its 8MP camera.
It was because of my previous experience with sony mobile phone.In the same way, sony prooved it in my phone Xperia P with an excellent display resolution and an excellent camera and HD video recording.
eventhough samsung s2 had few better features like 1.2 ghz processor,better battery life and faster touch user interface,it could not outplay sony xperia P's display resolution,camera quality and video quality. The display screen of sony xperia P's powered by
white magic technology which given a maximum amount of brightness even in sunlight. My 2 weeks of experience with Xperia P is really awesome with all my widgets and games installed.Eagerly waiting for my ICS andriod update to install.Finally to list out the main demerits in my phone is that
it battery life is little poor since it uses the white magic technology.It would have been an amzazing phone if it had a better life,anyways I am expecting some changes in andriod 4.0 ICS.Thanks to sony.


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